Girl Scouts 2014, Pt. II

Check out this time lapse video of part of our shoot in the painting studio at Moore College! We created this video with the Hyperlapse app :)

Girl Scouts 2014

We had a great time this weekend on our 11th shoot for ABC Bakers Girl Scouts Cookies in Philadelphia, PA! Here are just a few of our behind the scenes shots from Moore College and other on location sites!

Playing with gobos

We got some new toys in the studio and want to share a couple of photos we shot while experimenting with them. We love the lighting effects these have in the studio, and can't wait to be using them in photo shoots!

Boudoir poses

We have had extensive experience with boudoir photo shoots at Marion Photography. One of the most challenging things about these types of shoots is posing in just the right way to maximize your best features in a photo. As big fans of Buzzfeed, we were excited to see something so relevant to our business! We love this article, and we love the representation of all types of women. Check out the article here!

Marion Photography x Miraval

We are so excited to announce a partnership between Marion Photography and Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona! We are looking forward to bring our expertise to the multifaceted Miraval experience. Take a look at the video, and let us know what you think!